Accountant And Programmer

I build reliable systems
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About Muhammad Reda.

Muhammad is a 37 years old father, business advisor, chartered accountant, and programmer.

Accounting and business advisory

Muhammad has B.A in accounting, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, 2007.
He also has a Diploma in economic feasibility studies and projects valuation, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 2009 (Score: 99% in the economic feasibility studies) .
Muhammad is working in the business advisory field since 2007. He has nine-year experience in preparing economic feasibility studies in Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Muhammad’s programming journey started in 2013 by self-learning the syllabus of Computer Science School, Cambridge University.
He bridges his accounting skills over programming, motivated by the fact that one single computer can do the work of millions of people, even with more accuracy and efficiency!
Muhammad is now developing the backend part of his ERP system “Easy Trading” and other technical solutions for businesses.